Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Sugarland Show

Lilguy has been invited to the MySugarland Vintage Wedding Evening on November 17th. My Sugarland is the incredible vision of Zoe Lem, a stylist and designer who makes the most exquisite clothes. Well worth taking a look at her website, and would be wonderful to see you there.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Wedding Stationer's Husband

Weddings are something that get women very excited. They squeal and run around in little groups looking for things that sparkle and glitter and make them look thin.... Glitter and lace hold no appeal to me, and yet more weekends than i care to count, I seem to be stuck in the middle of hundreds of them...
For I, am the wedding stationer's husband!
She is a clever girl who manages to combine card, ribbons, sparklies and type in a way that seems to excite ladies young and old alike! And while I dont understand or appreciate the things she produces, I know they are good quality and I know she is at the top end of the industry in terms of design, originality and finishing.
So this is my blog, to honour her craft, and to show off a few of her designs and ideas, and share some of the latest news and developments.
There will be a lot of references to the website , the wedding fayres we go to, the specaculars and adventures we get roped into, and all sorts of other information.