Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nicola Jane Millinery

Today we introduce Nicola Jane Millinery. Nicola Jane Sykes is 30 and was born and raised in Oldham, Manchester. She originally qualified as a chef however for a couple of years now has taken her eye and talent towards millinery, which she absolutely loves!

"Making headpieces is so rewarding and because I sew everything by hand my range is very couture and extremely bespoke.

I have just started trading under Nicola Jane Millinery, I work on my own and from home, I also have a workroom at Parkin Fabrics in Oldham who provides  my high quality sinamay and other materials to make my headpieces.

I have a wonderful selection of wooden hat blocks to create some amazing creations!"

You can contact Nicola via email, through her Facebook page where you can see more of her designs, and follow her on Twitter.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Love Locks

Today I'm very pleased to introduce Laura Tanner from Love Locks UK. Love Locks can be used in a variety of ways as Laura explains ....
LoveLocks UK has recently launched in the United Kingdom as part of the successful LoveLocks™ brand from the USA. LoveLocks™ are inspired by an ancient custom believed to have originated in China, where lovers lock a padlock on a chain or a gate and then throw the key into the misty valleys, symbolically locking their love forever.

From this tradition, LoveLocks™ have created artful double-heart designed locks which feature a unique and patented 'lock one time only' feature, meaning that they require no key- once your love is locked, it is sealed forever! These padlocks can be engraved with a couples special message as a representation of love, or to mark a special time in their lives.

LoveLocks™ work together with wedding venues and tourist destinations to design and create beautiful 'Love Scapes' (which may be in the form of a gate, a sculpture etc.) and it is our desire that each Lovelock placed on a 'Lovescape' will bring joy and create lasting memories which future generations can enjoy and embrace.

Couples can integrate LoveLocks™ into their weddings in several ways - one is to provide each guest or set of guests with a LoveLock, either pre-engraved or for personalised engraving on the day, to be locked onto the scape. A really unique, memorable and lasting favour! Another is through the Tree of Life ceremony, which offers a beautiful way to unite families together.
Tree of Life
LoveLocks™ have endless applications however, for proposals, engagements, christenings, memorials, birthdays or simply to say 'I was here'!

LoveLocks™ can be purchased through our website. If your venue does not currently have a LoveScape be sure to let them know about LoveLocks™ and perhaps we can work with them to get one installed before your big day!
Many thanks to Laura - you can visit her website, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Alex Kilbee Photography

If you're looking for a great photographer for a Suffolk wedding then check out the work of Alex Kilbee

Alex Kilbee
"A year ago on Saturday we had amazing weather, unlike this year, so it was really great that Hayley and Craig chose that day to get married. One of the great things about Suffolk is that it's awash with fantastic wedding venues and Haughley Park Barns is one amazing place. Unlike a lot of barn wedding venues, Haughley isn't just a barn in a field with some pretty lights, but a whole beautifully laid out and landscaped country park, complete with stunning Tudor style hall.
Up at Haughley there is a lovely farmhouse where Hayley spent the morning getting ready along with her mum, dad, bridesmaids and lovable pooch 'Teddy'. It's always great to spend time with the bride while she is getting ready as there are so many opportunities for story telling moments which make wonderful photographs and really help set the scene in the album. While Hayley was getting, Craig had arrived with his best man and I spent some time with him before Hayley made her grand entrance. It was a simple ceremony and the clouds which had been threatening to rain on us decided to move on and let the sun shine down as the happy bride and groom were presented to their friends and family for the first time.

Haughley also has some fantastic glass sculptures dotted around the grounds and really, you just can't pass up a photo opportunity like that can you?

One of the things I love about taking bridal photographs is creating something that the bride and groom can look back on in years to come. Something Hayley and Craig certainly have done as to mark their anniversary Hayley created a Youtube video of photographs from their wedding."


Many thanks to Alex for sharing this lovely wedding with us. For more gorgeous photos go to the website and  Facebook page, you can also follow Alex on Twitter.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Whisper Boudoir Photography

Forget sleazy, think stylish - Whisper Boudoir Photography offers a much more modern approach!

Since photography was invented many years ago, women have always found themselves in demand as models for somebody else.

Here at Whisper Boudoir Photography, we hope to reverse that trend by offering gorgeous, sensual images of women for themselves or as a gift to loved ones.

We have developed a style in our studio of very stylish, glamorous images, that show you at your very best.

Gone are the seedy back street studios that used to exist in the 70s and 80s to be replaced by a more open,modern approach to boudoir photography. Sensual images of women are now in high demand by women themselves, and we are seeing a dramatic upturn in the amount of enquiries, not only from brides to be, who use the images as a wedding day gift for their partners, but also from stereotypical mums and daughters.

Whisper Boudoir has turned boudoir photography into a fun and enjoyable experience. Our clients enter our comfortable studio and are greeted by an all women team, if this is what they require. All types of packages are available. Many of our clients take a simple taster session to get a feel for the style of photography, before coming back to have a fuller session with our team at a later date.

For those women who think its a scary situation, we get a lot of clients who, when they arrive, are extremely nervous, but our professional team soon get to work and have them relaxed in no time at all, in fact many afterwards can't believe how much fun it actually was and how stunning they feel after a makeover. In fact many women bring along their friends and enjoy a giggle and a glass of wine during their time with us.

For those who would prefer to have a shoot in a more natural setting, we can even hire hotels or country homes for shoots. 

You can see and find out more from Julie through her website, follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Wedding Day PA

So much time, effort and money goes into planning a wedding and no one wants to have a disaster on the day, our guest blogger this week, Claire aka The Wedding Day PA share some words of wisdom on how to avoid this!
The Wedding Day PA

How To Avoid A Wedding Day Disaster

Upon telling people I meet that I am a wedding planner - most people  ask what do you do when there is a wedding day disaster and thankfully  (touching a bit of wood) I haven't yet encountered a major wedding day  disaster but this isn't due to the fact I am lucky or God was looking  down on me that day - for the most part the reason why the weddings I  co-ordinate, and indeed the success behind any big celebration or event,'s all in the planning. Sounds simple but what amazes me most  about weddings and brides/grooms planning a wedding is nine out of ten  couples spend so much time, energy and money ensuring they have planned  their perfect wedding that most forget that the actual day itself needs  planning and a "go-to" person for any last minute questions or surprises  this as you will find out this doesn't need to be a wedding day  co-ordinator. If you have a couple of capable friends dividing some  simple wedding day tasks and checks can ensure the difference between a  wedding day disaster and your perfect day....

 The main tip I would give to brides is to have all your paperwork and  supplier information sorted in a neat and tidy wedding file. This file  should contain all the suppliers contact details, what services they are  supplying and copies of receipts paid along with any monies due in a  sealed envelope. Give this file to a trusted bridesmaid/maid of honour  or sibling who can have the file stored in a secure place and refer to  it if and when needed.

Secondly, I hate having my photo taken - I avoid it at all costs, if you  also dread the photographers camera flash ensure you book a engagement  shoot - now for those of you that do hate having your photo taken this  may seem like a crazy idea to have more photos taken than required, however having a pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot will make you feel  at ease with your photographer and means you can practise some wedding  type photo poses. On your wedding day ask your photographer's assistant  to do a quick walk around the popular photo opportunities at your venue  to make sure there are no cigarette ends or big muddy puddles on the  gravel etc.

Most brides spend hours choosing the right centrepieces and table  decorations to turn their wedding reception into their perfect dream,  ask your venue co-ordinator if you can set one table up prior to the  wedding exactly how you want it to look on the day itself and take a  photo, hand that to whoever is setting up your decorations - nothing is  more clear for them than a photograph to work from.

Have an emergency wedding day kit close to hand - I have for example  over 100 items in The Wedding Day PA's emergency kit which includes a  spare bouquet and wedding cake! Having a few essentials such as some  loose powder, lip gloss and a small sewing kit can keep you looking a  bridal beauty all day long!

When booking your DJ/band who are to play your chosen track for your  first dance ensure they have the CD/can play the track chosen - nothing  can turn a perfect wedding day into a wedding day disaster than not  being able to dance your first dance to a track you don't know and  haven't chosen. Here at The Wedding Day PA I carry a Ipod with powerful  speakers and make sure the first dance of the chosen couple is  downloaded and ready should the worse happen!

But above everything remember to enjoy yourself!

If you would like more top tips on "How To Avoid A Wedding Day  Disaster" please visit my website to download  your free copy.

Many thanks to Claire for some valuable tips - you can also follow her on Twitter.