Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wedding and Gems

More gorgeous sparklies to feast your eyes upon from Kerrie......

Tiaras Wedding Jewellery

When people ask me what I do, I'm a little shy in telling them that I make wedding jewellery. I'm not sure why that is, its not like its a new thing, I've been running Wedding And Gems for quite a few years.

Starting a business  wasn't intentional,  it was a by product of my own personal therapy.  It began when I was in a recovering from post natal depression (a chemical imbalance in the brain), I found that creating took my mind off things, it allowed me to get so focused on something that I forgot everything else.  It wasn't just immersing myself in something creative that aided my recovery but it was the ability to see that I could create something from nothing, something that I would be proud to show off as my own. 
The first tiara I created was supposed to be my own, I had gone to the local craft shop and bought Swarovski crystals, pearls, wire and an plain headband.  I cut the wire with the kitchen scissors and bent down the ends with my nails.  Both my finger nails and the kitchen scissors were destroyed by the end. 

My husband to be was a little surprised when I told him I wanted to see if I could sell it on Ebay.   It sold for £21, more than it cost to make and at the time I was really pleased.  I took those profits and bought enough raw materials to make another tiara and when that sold, I bought more raw materials.  I was very strict with the amount of money that I would use to fund this little hobby, only spending the profits on materials so I could make more.

I quickly got bored with paying Ebay's fees and decided to create my own website. That was a whole new ball game and there were a few scary moments when I had accidentally destroyed the entire site by deleting the wrong file.  Back ups, I didn't really know how to do them so there was no option but to start at the beginning again creating the site.  That's how the site got to how it is today.

I still find designing a very therapeutic process, after a stressful day with the kids (it's half term as I write this)  I enjoy relaxing with some wire and beads.  Sometimes I don't even have a clue what it is I'm about to make, but it grows from a little idea and changes along the way.

A lot of the time I try to be a bit more organised so sketch my ideas on paper before I start but I always find that they evolve as my mind comes up with new ideas so I need to draw it again so I know exactly how I made it.

Since like to be challenged constantly, it's a kick for me when a bride asks me to design something bespoke for her.  It's always a very involved process where the bride gives me a starting point, I flesh out her ideas, create a rough sketch and we go from there.  Sometimes it gives me a chance to get out of my comfort zone and use new materials or techniques, so it's an opportunity to teach myself something new.

Recently Wedding and Gems has grown to offer a drop shipping service, it's still in it's infancy but I'm hoping to expand it quickly, so if you're interest, just give me a shout.

I'm also on Pinterest and Tumblr where I collect lots of photos for wedding inspiration.

Please go and visit Kerrie's website to view her full portfolio, which is gorgeous! You can also follow her on Twitter, find her on Facebook and you can also buy her products through her Etsy Shop

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Denise Hagon, Calligrapher

How many of us have beautiful handwriting these days? Not me, that's for sure! I rely solely on fonts on my computer (and I do have rather a lot of them!) for my work, however there is nothing quite as luxurious and sumptuous as real handcrafted calligraphy. I have in the past attempted to master the art but with disastrous results!
As well as guest name writing, calligrapher Denise Hagon  produces some extremely creative commissions. Denise  learnt calligraphy at the age of 16 at Technical College and loved it so much she set up a calligraphy studio in 1985.
“I've been providing a professional bespoke calligraphy service now for 27 years! I’m a true scribe and artist, passionate about pens, nibs, beautiful scripts and gorgeous papers! I've an exciting range of historical and modern scripts and love to combine beautifully printed stationery with handwritten names. Every invitation and envelope receives the finishing touch it deserves - a guest name written with beauty and perfection."

With a degree in Art History and Design, she takes a special interest in vintage styles and period handwriting.

"I've worked on so many period films and TV productions over the years, including Poirot, Sleepy Hollow, Sharpe, Mansfield Park and Bleak House. Most recently the latest film of Anna Karenina!"

To see the full range of Denise's exciting calligraphy visit Denise's website, and if you'd like to enquire about a calligraphy project you can contact her by email.