Friday, 25 February 2011

Wine Glass Charms

It can sometimes be difficult to find gifts for people that are a little out of the ordinary.  Mrs LG is often being asked for ideas ......

Its always lovely to be invited to guest blog & I hope we can show you a few different options for your bridal wedding gifts.

Firstly, I guess we better start with what we do best! Wine Glass Charms...not everyone knows what they are or what to do with them so quite simply they are charms for wine glasses. If you've ever been to dinner party where the host was using them, you'll remember straight away! They're brilliant for providing a talking point, not to mention having the added benefits of identifying everyone's glass. You can do this by colour, design or dropper....endless possibilities. I'm very lucky to have a lovely spacious kitchen/diner so when we have guests over, we eat & entertain in the same room. My wine glass charms are all black & crystal clear as my decor is black, white & silver. I have each charm slightly differently designed so each guests glass has its own identity and my decor is complemented whether we're standing around nattering or seated at the table. Mr WGC & I use them even if its just us having a cheeky glass on a Friday evening.....they just add a touch of twinkly sparkle to the glass and lets face it, there's always room for something that makes you smile!


When choosing wine glass charms for your bride & groom, you can pick a colour to complement their home decor or you can go with a design thats differently coloured and suits their style. Either way, you know you're giving a gift that's unique, personally chosen & an everyday reminder to the couple of their magical day.

We also have a range of gifts for the bridal party, all individually made using Crystallized Swarovski Elements.

For the bride, we have beautiful 'Something Blue' heart charms. They arrive with an organza ribbon in ivory or blue, whichever you prefer, & have so many uses. We have brides who have wrapped them around the stem of their bouquet, had them woven into their hair & even had the ribbon replaced with a chain to wear as a necklace....we can do this for you of course & even provide matching earrings!. Another option is to remove the ribbon & stitch the charm to the brides garter....all you need is imagination!

Something Blue
Something Blue on a bouquet

The heart charms are also available in other colours so a bride may wish to choose different keepsake charms for her female bridal guests.....something unique for bridesmaids....they're beautiful hung where the light will catch the facets & send twinkles all round the room.

We also stock a range of bookmarks which make beautiful gifts for everyone. We always have Swarovski Hearts & Flowers & have limited edition ranges of various other Swarovski Charms. They all come gift boxed & we can add a personal card if you wish. There's also a collection of very reasonably priced mobile charms & bookmarks with different Tibetan silver droppers set below Swarovski crystals in the colour of choice.

Page Marker Bookmarks

We love wine glass charms…we love making them, we love selling them, we love seeing our clients pictures & comments about how much they love them…quite simply…that’s what we do! We only use Swarovski crystals because we believe they are the best for sparkle & pzazz & that’s exactly what you deserve. All our collections are available in ‘off the peg’ designs from the website & we ship superfast!

Come & have a look at the Wine Glass Charms website 

We love chatting via email to, on the phone at 0845 45 900 28
Why not follow us on Twitter?
Come and 'Like' us on Facebook!

So do get in touch if you have anything specific you would like to discuss or to just let us know what you think!

Thanks very much Miki, I know Mrs LG will wholeheartedly agree with you regarding using only Swarovski crystals for the best sparkle!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lucinda George

Mrs LilGuys is very privileged to have her Charleston Glamour invitation featured on Lucinda George's Belle of the Ballet mood board.  Take a look at this lovely blog and website for more gorgeous inspiration!

Photo Credits
Two Girls with Mask & Birdcage:  Alix via
Ballet Shoes & Bouquet: Angel Smith via
Tiara: by Me Me Mode
Wedding Invitation: by Lilguy Stationery
Music Box: Bunny Mitford via www.i-am–
Table with Candles: Chelle Paperie via

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Purple Inspiration

Recently I had some of my stationery featured on a mood board made by Weddings By Claire for her blog which I thought I'd share with you ...........

Chair Covers & Sashes (Beckwith Events)
Invitations (Lil'Guy)
Purple Wedding Dress (Alfred Angelo)
Favour Bag (Ribbons and Tulle)
Tiara (Starstruck Designs)
Flowers (Flowers for Occasions)
Large Cupcake (Angel's Kitchen)
Tiara (Tiny Gems)
Bridesmaid Dress (Alfred Angelo)
Wedding Cake (Cake Box)
Shoes (Manolo Blahnik)
Bag (S L Jewellery & Accessories)
Invitation (Lil'Guy)
Cupcake (Angel's Kitchen)
Bracelet (Lou Lou Belle)
Earrings (S L Jewellery & Accessories)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Marry Me In Somerset

Planning your wedding can be a stressful time.  You have so much to organise and it can be a daunting prospect! One thing that we hear from brides on a regular basis is that they worry about things going wrong on the day itself and even have nightmares or dreams about it during the planning process.

Marry me in Somerset - your guide to getting maried in Somerset

Marry Me in Somerset was set up by Abi & Lisa to help couples achieve the wedding of their dreams – as stress free as possible!

Our aim is to show couples who wish to get married in Somerset the very best of what Somerset has to offer from highly recommended suppliers to the fantastic choice of stunning, unique and quirky Venues throughout the County.

We believe Somerset is one of the most beautiful counties in England and possibly one of the greatest places to get married in the Country. Somerset is becoming increasingly popular with couples throughout the UK looking for that ‘special something’ as their choosen destination to host their Wedding!

With so many wedding directories online set up for profit purposes, we are passionate about promoting only the very best suppliers that Somerset has to offer. All of our suppliers are by invitation only and we thoroughly research all potential members before inviting them to join MMIS giving you the confidence that any supplier you contact in our directory will give you the high level of service we would expect you to receive.

We hope our site helps you with your Wedding planning!

If you work within the Wedding Industry and believe you offer a service to the standards we expect, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Likewise if you are a Somerset Wedding Venue and would like to be listed please contact us for further details.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Wedding Talk

Wedding Tweeter Profile Badge
Mrs LG has become addicted - to Twitter and tweeting!  It drives the boys in her house mad, but in fairness she has made some very valuable contacts within the industry and as she will readily tell you, it is her version of office gossip and friendships.  Working from home is a wonderful thing, especially when you're doing something you love, but you can become isolated so it's important to have some contact with the outside world!  It is also through these new friendships and contacts that we have been able to bring you some very interesting articles from very talented individuals, and Mrs LG is currently sourcing more and more articles to bring you which are wedding related, be it directly relating to your planned celebrations, or for gift ideas.

A while ago Mrs LG discovered "The List" and her competitive side kicked in.  She duly followed @ukWeddings and, well, carried on tweeting!  She has been in the Top 100 for some time now, although has never reached the dizzy heights of the top 10.  This week she has regained some lost ground and gone up to number 32.  Additionally the Lil'Guy's daily e-news, The Kim Stewart Daily  is currently  Number 1 of the Top Shared Links for Wedding Tweeters.  

If you would like to feature on our blog either as a supplier or as a real wedding, or if there is anything you would like us to cover then please email Mrs LG to make your suggestions or to submit an article for consideration.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Inspired Celebration

Today Zoe Grant from Inspired Celebration shows that a small budget for your wedding does not mean that you can't have the wedding day of your dreams!

A Handmade Wedding

One of the first things we think of after the initial excitement of becoming engaged is the cost of the actual wedding.  Before you can even think about trying on a dress, booking a venue or tasting cakes you need to think about your budget.  Whilst we hear of people spending vast amounts of money on their big day not everybody has the same amount of funds to spare for an expensive wedding day.  But the lack of funds should not deter you from creating the day you want.

With a bit of creativity and researching for inspiration you can have the wedding day you want.  Firstly speak to friends and family as I am sure you will find somebody either makes fabulous cakes or knows somebody who does. They may also know a photographer or consider hiring a third year photography degree student who may have already shot a couple of weddings and is looking to enhance their portfolio before graduating.  Stationery can easily be made by yourselves if you know the theme you are wanting to create and supplies can be brought from many retail outlets and websites, yet many stationery designers also have budget ranges that will save you time that maybe precious in the run up to the wedding.  Another option when thinking about your stationery is if any friends or family work as graphic designers, I am sure they will be happy to produce an original design just for you.

Decorating your venue may seem quite daunting but with the help of the wedding party you can achieve the look you want.  Choosing a vintage or country theme fete requires bunting, which can easily be made from remnants of fabric or old shirts from the charity shop, which is also a great place to pick up vintage crockery and glassware for stacking with cupcakes and serving cream teas when you greet your guests.  

Flowers are an important part of your day, both for you and your maids but also for decorating tables. The bouquets can double up as flowers for the top table and it is worth asking Auntie Kitty who creates fabulous floral arrangements for her home if she would consider helping to create the floral display for your big day.  Perhaps your Dad and Mum even have a flourishing garden that could be raided for your wedding flowers.

I know there are some things you cannot make yourself unless you are a jewellery designer or a fabulous seamstress.  The high street offers many reasonably priced options for bridesmaid dresses, bridal jewellery and shoes. Online marketplaces like Folksy and Etsy  offer you the chance to buy unique handcrafted jewellery, dresses and even decorations for your shoes. 

So you have asked mums friend to bake your cake, Auntie Kitty is doing the flowers, you and your fiancĂ©e have made your stationery and your maids are sewing metres of bunting but the venue and entertainment are still expensive.  Time to think outside the box! The village hall is a walk away from the church, so no need for transport and you can decorate it to suit your theme or Mum & Dads back garden is big enough to hold a marquee.  Now all you need is some entertainment, how about going back to the local university and see if any music students can help, a string quartet or a jazz band, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

A small budget does not mean that you are limited you just need a sprinkling of imagination, a big spoonful of time and people willing to help mix until all the ingredients are ready to make your wedding day everything you dreamed of and more.

Many thanks Zoe.  I would just add that it's worth being totally honest with yourself whilst deciding what you are capable of doing yourself both in ability and in the time it will take, the last thing you need is to be stressed in the run up to your big day!  

Monday, 14 February 2011

Esemee Designs Update

Well, happy Valentine's Day everyone! On January 31st we featured Esemee Designs.  Suzanne Marie promised to forward the photos for her Chocy and Sweetie Hats, and here they are.  So, if you've forgotten to get something special for her today or you're going to the races soon why not really create a stir with one of these?

Chocs by Perfectly Tempered, Photo SV Photo

Sweets by Bahumbug, photo SV Photo

Friday, 11 February 2011

White Gold Images

Today we welcome the lovely Yvonne White, principal photographer for White Gold Images who has a few words of advice regarding  your wedding day photography ......

Hello Everyone, it’s lovely to be here on the Lilguys blog and many thanks to Mrs Lilguys for inviting me to say a few words. Hopefully I can offer brides and grooms to be a few words of advice and comfort when it comes to your wedding photography.

I was thinking about boring with you with all the reasons why having a professional photographer at your wedding has huge advantages over Uncle Bob and his clever camera, but to be honest, you can read that in a hundred different places, including my own blog at You don’t need me to explain about the advantages of experience and knowledge, you are probably more than well aware of that from your own career. So instead I thought I might tackle another matter, one that almost everyone has mentioned at some point or other in their lives and one that even I, as a photographer, find tumbling out of my mouth before I can stop it, often unbidden and usually to a response of rolling eyes and tuts:  “I hate having my picture taken”

Rest assured, many people do, even the most photogenic people say it to me, they aren’t sure how to look, what to do with their hands or how to stand or sit. Add on to those worrys the usual fears about being overweight, having a double chin, big bum, skinny bum [yes, really, I got that from one chap], and a million other real or imagined imperfections and our natural ability to be self conscious can be almost crippling for some people when a camera is pointed at them.  Best advice I can offer – talk to your photographer, tell them about your fears, worries or minor irritations. My job is to help you overcome them and whilst some problems are more obvious than others and I would naturally work to minimise them for you, there are some that I promise, only you can see. However, if you can see it, I want to know so that I know I am producing the best pictures possible for you on your wedding day. This is where having a good relationship with your chosen wedding photographer makes all the difference. If you are not comfortable with someone, then you are unlikely to want to tell them your personal likes, never mind dislikes. A pre-wedding shoot can help build this relationship and help you feel more confident about your wedding photographer and about being the centre of attention.

‘Posing’ – wedding photography comes in many guises, reportage [no posing at all], formal, informal, fashion and so on and unless you chose purely reportage, you will have to do some posing of some description, though personally I prefer to use the word ‘direction’ as posing always reminds me of those shop dummies you see arranged in little groups around M&S, it’s all a bit ‘fixed’. The idea of direction is to show you how to be much more relaxed in front of camera and the end results will be pictures that show the real you rather than anything too rigid and fake. Do allow your photographer to guide you and if you are unsure of what is being suggested, ask, and above all, as hard as it may be, try and relax. Have FUN! Remember it’s your day, you have spent a lot of time and money preparing for it so when it arrives, enjoy every minute of it – your photos will be worth it. You might hate having your picture taken, but the aim is do everything to ensure you love the end results.  I won’t womble on much more, other than to say I am always around if you want ask any questions photography related or check availability for WhiteGold Images wedding photography. I am based in North London but I do travel so don’t feel that I am too far away to help you in anyway. 

Thank you Yvonne for some very sound advice!  I would just like to add don't forget that it's also your photographer's reputation on the line, so it's in their best interests to make you feel comfortable and natural in front of the lens so that you have a very special collection of images to look back on.  I have seen a fair few photographers at wedding fairs in the last couple of years and it really does show if care has been taken.  I think the montage above of some of Yvonne's work speaks for itself!  Go and visit the White Gold Images website to view more spectacular examples of Yvonne's work!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Aroma Candles

Today Mrs LG has been out for a lovely couple of walks with the Lil'Guys, it's a beautiful sunny afternoon (now that the fog has gone) after the howling wind and rain of the past couple of days.  Everything smells fragrantly fresh and Spring is just around the corner, the sunshine and gorgeous countryside lift the spirits and often provide inspiration.

Laura from Aroma Candles is another creative who is inspired by such things, here she answers a few questions.....

What do you do and how did you start your business?

I make true aromatherapy soy candles, using the highest amount of essential oils possible.

I'm actually a massage therapist! While performing aromatherapy sessions for my clients, I was using store bought aromatherapy candles. All of the candles I found were really expensive and not fragrant at all. So I figured, why not make my own? My clients, friends and family all loved them so much and kept insisting I start my own line.... So I did!

Aromatherapy Soy Candle Custom blend 6oz      Pink Grapefruit Aromatherapy Soy Candle Gift Wrapped     Cardinal Wood Tea Light holder, wedge, wood, home decor     Aromatherapy Ginger Grass Soy Candle Gift Wrapped

What are your favourite items?

Hmmm... My favorite item? It varies with my moods and needs. My body and mind really know what I need, so if I'm needing a certain therapy at that particular moment, I'm more attracted to that scent.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by many things. Sometimes a client will mention an issue they are having, and I'll wonder "how can I help them when they leave my table?". Other times the inspiration comes from Mother Nature. I love being outside in my garden or in the forest preserve by my home. 
I'll catch scents from those places and have to find an essential oil that matches that smell.

Any news/plans for the business that you'd like to tell people about?

My goal is to continue making affordable aromatherapy candles. I've recently introduced a line of herbal teas that people are really enjoying.  Eventually I plan on adding essential oil all natural soaps to my line.  Who knows after that?!?!

Loose leaf Herbal Tea 15-30 cups, chamomile, st. johns wort, peppermint leaf, valerian root

Lavender and Vanilla Soy Teacup Set OOAK, relaxing, romantic, soft, gift for her

Visit Laura's Etsy shop to view her full range of products.  She ships worldwide so if your shipping area doesn't appear to be covered just ask her and she'll quote you a price.  How about treating your wedding guests to something from her range as your favours?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Guest Blog from Your Wedding at Loch Lomond

Over the last year or so we have attended numerous wedding fairs. They are expensive for the exhibitor, and tiring for both exhibitor and attendee! Today we are very pleased to introduce Your Wedding at Loch Lomond and on Sunday there will be an on-line Wedding Fair organised by them - Register now to be able to chat on-line with wedding suppliers without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Whilst Lil'Guy is based in West Sussex we can supply to the whole of the UK - our latest booking has come from 40 miles north of Aberdeen!

Your Wedding at Loch Lomond is an on-line wedding directory for brides and grooms to be getting married at Loch Lomond in Scotland. We are free to use and free to advertise in (providing the supplier can provide to Loch Lomond).

The idea for our directory was born several years ago and we registered several domains then. We spent time meeting with local suppliers to find out what they wanted from a directory. We found that many new and small businesses in particular struggled to find customers due to very high advertising rates in magazines, newspapers and other websites. We came to the decision that our on-line directory would be free to advertise in, and that each interested advertiser would be offered the same advert. 

Our not for profit directory went live in June 2010 with just a few suppliers. Now, at the end of the year, we have grown to offer a wide variety of suppliers as well as regular discounts, a discussion forum and wedding fairs.

We also have a blog where we offer additional advice and support as well as interviews and submissions with a variety of wedding suppliers. We also keep our suppliers and brides to be updated through regular email newsletters, our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Our aim of making the directory 'everyone's directory' has been achieved. Its demonstrated by the fact that many advertising requests come from wedding suppliers who have been speaking to our listed suppliers. We do appreciate our suppliers spreading the word and helping with recruiting other suppliers! Many suppliers have become friends with each other, recommending each other, purchasing from each other etc. We love it!

We have made so many friends from our suppliers and received support from many experienced and respected wedding professionals and from other wedding directories

Highlights of 2010 have included being nominated for six awards, such as 'best business support' and 'best supplier directory'. We've been mentioned in local and national newspapers and bridal magazines. We are also currently on the list of “Top 100 Wedding Tweeters”.

This year, we are running a few wedding fairs to allow our brides and grooms to be to meet our suppliers face to face. We also have a second edition brochure with our suppliers' details which is available at our fairs and on our supplier premises.

We can be found at:

Please join us for the on-line Wedding Fair on Sunday 6th February and help to make it a memorable occasion for all involved!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Another reason not to use Hallmark

We did not make this one!
This is not the normal request we get, a card for my brother, and er... fiancee????
We think we know what they are saying, but hey, you never know in some of the places where Mr LG has stopped to fill up with petrol this could be one and the same person....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1920s Inspiration

Mrs LilGuys has been putting together another Inspiration/Mood Board.  This time she has been inspired by the glamour of the 1920s, a time when women were breaking free of the corset, a time of glamour, Hollywood and of course, the Charleston!  

Charleston Farmhouse, the meeting place for a group of writers, painters and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury Group, is around ten miles from us in Sussex and well worth a visit when open 

Long Necklace:
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Table Centrepiece:
Cake: Jo Ireson via