Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Product Launch

As you are all no doubt aware Mrs LG is a lover of all things sparkly and luxurious and is constantly on the lookout for anything new and different. She is extremely happy to have finally obtained some items that she spotted last year and can finally offer them to you!

Luxurious Silk Sets Hot New Stationery Trend

What can be more luxurious than silk? These silk boxed invitations are a hot new product for 2011/2012 weddings, handcrafted and available from Lil'Guy.
Purple silk 8" hinged invitation box with ivory ribbon and gold diamante embellishment
While regal purple is bound to be a sell-out, the stationery can also be made in white or cream, accessorised with coloured or patterned ribbons, or choose from over 50 different silk colours to perfectly complement any wedding theme.
Ivory silk 7" invitation box with ivory ribbon and silver diamante embellishment

Ivory silk favour box approx 2 1/2" square with ivory ribbon and silver diamante slide
Wow your guests, not only with stunningly beautiful invitations printed on beautiful high quality, unusual card and presented in one of these gorgeous padded silk invitation boxes, but with matching favour boxes too. With over 50 colours to choose from there is sure to be one that suits your style!

The boxes themselves are made from recycled card rather than from wood so are more eco-friendly than some other similar items. The card used in all our work is from a manufacturer who deals with world-renowned mills who use wood from sustainable Forestry Council Stewardship certified forests, and the pulp is  bleached using a process that does not release chlorine or other chemicals into the environment.
Please feel free to contact me for a quote by email.  

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Little Bundles Bunting

There are virtually endless different themes and colour schemes for your wedding these days, but it's not always easy to find exactly what you want within your chosen theme/scheme. As a stationer I am happy to and enjoy creating special stationery to your theme or colour scheme and find it hard to understand when businesses won't help or say that they can't help - there's usually a way around most 'problems'! I enjoy a challenge and usually the process of trying to find a way of solving a problem gives you a deeper knowledge of your area of expertise, the best, easiest and most cost effective way of doing something. Even if you don't use all the techniques you research straight away, the chances are you will need the information at some point in the future.

Today we welcome another 'can dooer', Emma Scott from Little Bundles Bunting.......
How did Little Bundles Begin?
I’d been looking everywhere for personalised bunting for my daughter’s birthday, back in 2004; all I could find was generic bunting in basic colours from companies who only wanted to sell me what they stocked, no-one was prepared to source fabric and create me a unique design. It was my, then 4 year old, daughter who announced to everyone that her “mummy” was going to make her bunting! I have always had a creative flair, so thought why not!

Do you just make bespoke bunting?

The majority of our business is made to order bunting, but we have just started to offer bunting lengths for hire. This has come after a very successful run of Union Jack bunting for the Royal Wedding. We still want to produce exclusive bunting, so anything to hire will be made as limited editions. Our bunting has been used at all sorts of parties, events and weddings – and weather permitting, can be used outside.

What makes you different from other bunting companies?
The most important thing for us is that our clients get exactly what they want. A lot of the time they come to me with a great idea, but can’t visualise it. It’s my job to then design something, get the fabrics and colours together and either send samples or email a photo of the design, layout and colour scheme.

We want to make every client feel that they are unique, not just another number. We spend a lot of our time discussing what the client wants, then of course time making the bunting. If we don’t have a specific fabric in stock, we will then go out and source it. It is us providing a completely bespoke service to our clients.

Where do you retail your bunting?
Our clients are all over the UK, and through online shops have sold to the USA, we can post our items anywhere! The majority of orders come directly to me, but we have sold via online shops such as ETSY and Ebay.

You can visit Emma's website, find her on Facebook  and follow her on Twitter. With vintage styled weddings here to stay bunting is ideal for decorating your venue or garden so why not make yours one of a kind?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Zebedeez Jewellery

Favours and gifts are always hot topics when planning a wedding, budgets and ideas vary widely. Today we welcome Zoe from Zebedeez Jewellery  who makes a plethora of ranges from tiaras to favours for your wedding!

There are so many different things now available for wedding favours….. Anything goes, classic, quirky, sweet  and fun it is completely your choice.  With the costs of weddings rising there are things to suit every budget, and this is what I try to provide with all my items. I create ready produced items, or bespoke items for the bride and when doing a consultation always get an idea of budget so that we can stick within it, or as near to… as much as possible.

The most recent wedding favours that are seeming popular from brides are the wine glass charms, however I have created clip on Swarovski pendants to suit the brides colour scheme, fabric hearts, and have more recently gone into individual bags of sweets/homemade fudge for your guests.. These come beautifully packaged in either organza bags or cellophane bags with tags and can be personalised with the guests name if required.
I have lots of ideas coming up for the future including lavender bags, fancy pegs,  key rings and lots more… so keep your eyes out!

You can visit Zoe's various outlets: Folksy; Etsy; Zebedeez Weddings ; Zebedeez Jewellery 
You can also follow her on her Facebook Jewellery Page, her Facebook Gifts and Crafts Page and on Twitter!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sunkissed Ceremonies

Well we've had an extremely dry Spring this year with some glorious sunshine then June arrived, more damp squib than Flaming June! Although the rain is desperately needed for the crops it would be good to get some sunshine and warmth back again - on Sunday evening Mr LG even suggested lighting the open fire, something which the LGs and I needed no persuading about! 

Today I'd like to welcome Julia Tsiaka from Sunkissed Ceremonies to our blog. Julia is a Celebrant on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes .......
Sunkissed Ceremonies - alternative weddings & commitment ceremonies in Rhodes
All About the Ceremony By Julia Tsiaka

If you’re looking for a wedding ceremony that’s completely your style and totally unique, consider a Celebrant wedding ceremony on the beautiful sun-kissed Greek island of Rhodes.

Sunkissed Ceremonies is a brand new Celebrant wedding service in Rhodes which creates tailor-made wedding ceremonies, in the English language, for couples who want to make their special day extra special.

Celebrant wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular all over the world because they allow couples the freedom to express themselves in their own way; to celebrate their wedding day in the way they really want, with respect for their personal beliefs and cultures.

You can hold your Celebrant wedding ceremony in Rhodes at any time of the day or evening, you can express yourself freely when you say your vows to one another and you can include elements of any and all religions and beliefs.  You can include readings and music of any kind and mix up traditional and modern rituals.

The exchange of rings, the exchange of vows, the readings, the music and any other ritual held at a wedding is purely ceremonial and can be performed at any time and in any location.  And that’s where I, as a professional Celebrant can help you to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable.
Many couples choose to register their marriage with a simple visit to their local Registrar first before jetting off into the sunshine with family and friends to celebrate their “real” wedding ceremony.

Banish any thoughts of not holding your wedding ceremony at exactly the same time as your marriage registration.  After all, you wouldn’t Christen your baby or hold a naming ceremony on the same day that you register their birth, would you?  There are few events that we celebrate at the same time that we register them.  Why should weddings be any different?

As your wedding Celebrant, I will spend a great deal of time getting to know you before creating your personalised wedding ceremony.    The ceremony will be completely unique to you, revolving around the story of your lives, your interests, how you met and how you feel about each other, and moulded around your beliefs and lifestyle. 

You are free to keep as much of the traditional wedding service as you would like and I will suggest some ways to make your ceremony unique with the inclusion of less traditional rituals that might suit your circumstances, like the sand ceremony, the unity candle or the wine ceremony.  See more examples of rituals on my website

Consider the benefits of having a Sunkissed wedding ceremony in Rhodes

  • It’s an economical option to holding a full-blown traditional ceremony with a Registrar in attendance at an approved UK venue

  • You can choose to have a simple UK marriage registration before or after your Celebrant wedding ceremony in Rhodes or combine your Celebrant wedding ceremony with your legal Greek marriage registration on the island

  • You can invite the family and friends that you really want to have with you on your special day – perhaps ask them to splash out on airfares rather than give you a wedding gift.  Ask those guests who cannot join you in Rhodes, and/or the traditionalists amongst them, to your legal marriage registration in the UK.

  • You can hold the ceremony almost anywhere you like, at any time of day and there are no time restrictions

  • You can style your wedding with a fun or favourite theme, e.g. roaring 20’s, masquerade, wild west, geek, movie stars, Titanic, ancient Greeks, etc. or perhaps just a colour or particular style such as blue and white, ecological, vintage or simply something that fits in with the gorgeous sun-kissed location

  • You can express yourselves in any way and with any words, e.g. vows, readings, music, songs, dancing, etc. and stage your own ceremony choreography

  • You can include other members of your family in the ceremony, e.g. children, or include a remembrance for someone that is no longer with us

  • You can include any religious elements that you like from one or more religions, rituals such as breaking the glass, jumping the broom, handfasting, or even make up some of your own

  • You don’t need any documentation, expensive legalisations or translations for a Sunkissed wedding ceremony – everything is in English

  • It’s fun and it’s in the sun!

  • You can have one heck of a long wedding celebration following your Sunkissed wedding ceremony – it might last until your return flight lands in the UK!

So, if you really want to put some sparkle into your wedding ceremony, come to the Greek island of Rhodes and say your vows in a very special location.

My thanks to Kitty for hosting this article on Celebrant wedding ceremonies in Rhodes.

You can find out more about Julia and the services she provides on her website, email her and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

In April we featured Laurra and Maria Nalty from One Life Ceremonies with suggestions for those of you who would like to do your wedding ceremony where and when you wish, and I'm a supporter of The Any Campaign which is working towards changing the law so that you CAN get married anytime, anywhere - please do visit their website and sign the petition if you think the law should be changed!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Purple Princess

Yesterday I came across some photos of Princess Grace of Monaco which led me onto putting together this inspiration board full of princessy luxury ....

Wedding Gown -
Bridesmaids Dress -
Tiara -
Silk Invitation Box and Silk Favour Box -
Shoes -
Flowers -
Cake -
Bridesmaids Necklace -
Bracelet and Earrings -

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vintage Scoops

This winter was long and hard with several bouts of snow - which I have to say I for one am not complaining about as I think it's good to have differences in the seasons. Could have done without the brakes on my 4x4 freezing solid so we were effectively snowed in here at Lil'Guy HQ but that's another story! Now though we're looking forward to summer - long sunny days and balmy evenings. How many of us remember (or even still hear) the tinny chimes of the ice cream van on a hot summer afternoon after school and bugging a parent to be allowed an ice cream or lolly?! 

With vintage style weddings set to stay there are various ways of carrying through that theme and we are pleased to introduce you today to Betty the ice-cream van who with owner, Hayley, will bring fun, retro style and refreshment to your special occasion!
Hayley was inspired to start her business when a friend tried and failed to hire an ice-cream van for her wedding reception. Betty is a renovated 1973 Bedford CF ice-cream van, decked out in 1950s style in pretty pale blue and cream and decorated with floral bunting. On offer is delicious local ice cream, favourite ice lolly flavours, old-fashioned drinks such as ginger beer, cloudy lemonade and dandelion and burdock, plus retro sweets. Hayley serves the treats dressed in vintage-style florals to complement her van.

Hayley says: ‘It’s a trip down memory lane for some guests, but great for keeping the little ones happy, too. It’s a unique addition to a wedding.’ No event is too big or too small and Hayley will be able to advise you at every step, from deciding how much ice cream you want to selecting flavours to suit your event

Vintage Scoops is the perfect complement to a country or town wedding, and creates some great opportunities for photographs of the day. 

Betty loves being the centre of attention so why not go and join her on Facebook, check out the website, or follow Hayley (aka Mrs Scoops) on Twitter.