Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sweet Dream Events

Here at Lil'Guy we're constantly on the lookout for interesting and exciting things to show you.  Planning a wedding can take months of looking around for inspiration and we hope to give you a wide range of different ideas.  Some brides (and of course grooms!) having been dreaming of their wedding since playing dress up as a child and have an exact image of what they want on their special day, some have a vague idea and just need to pull ideas and suppliers together to create the right atmosphere on the day, others may not have any specific idea in mind at all.  Today we are thrilled to welcome Hannah from Sweet Dream Events to share a little insight into her world.......

When you first asked me to contribute to your blog I felt that I wanted to give people an insight into what I can offer their event, as once people meet me they realise it is far more than my website shows them.
I love providing my clients with an event that is an extension of their personalitlies, Once I have had my initital free consultation I am able to get an insight into what would suit my clients event. I like to keep everything under one umbrella. I have a very close network of industry lovelies who are like an extended family to me, who I work with to make sure the whole design compliments each other, from stationery to flowers, so I can take away the stress and worry of so many things.


Of course Sweet and Dessert tables are the most popular thing at the moment. All of my tables are uniquely designed for each event, I do not have a generic table I use each time. I have pretty much covered all types of events with my tables, Hen parties, Baby showers, Weddings and birthdays. I am also loving designing Eco-chic ideas, all of which can be seen at The Luxury Wedding Showcase in March. 
A lot of my inflences come from interiors. I trained in Decorative art and Interior design. I often use large pieces of furniture for dessert displays, quirky items on guest book tables, fabrics and wallpapers for backdrops and craft items. I think visual stimulation is so important. I would consider myself a crafty diy lady with an invalueable imagination. Sweet Dream Events is constantly evolving, making sure events are designed to be as special as those attending.



 Our thanks to Hannah and a quick note to say that the photos here are just a very small snapshot of gorgeousness!  I thoroughly recommend visiting Hannah's website , blog and Facebook page to get more inspiration and to drool over the sweetness there.  You can also follow her on Twitter 

Monday, 28 March 2011


Mrs LG very much enjoys gathering guest blog posts on anything and everything wedding related and thoroughly enjoys working in the wedding industry.  In January this year we featured a lovely and talented lady who makes gorgeous jewellery both for weddings and everyday wear.  We are very pleased to welcome back Sarah Marks from Tiny-Gems with the update she promised us and some photos of just a few of her new line ....... 

Since we were last featured in LilGuys blog we have had some very exciting and busy times. Tiny-Gems have taken a dramatic turn deeper into the wedding scene which is fabulous as I love all things wedding. It's like a dream come true to be dealing with brides and like minded people everyday and I sometimes think I'm more excited than the bride to be when discussing their ideas for their big day. We have started making Heirloom Bouquets from vintage and vintage style  jewellery and these have been what can only be described as a huge success. Brides from all over the world are contacting me requesting their own Heirloom Bouquets and I am so busy it's crazy but brilliant as well.

Not only that but photographers and lots of wedding industry people are also contacting me wanting to feature my Heirloom Bouquets in their photo shoots and asking for specific types of bouquets to go with the style they have in mind. I’ve got some very exciting shoots coming up in the next few months and I can’t wait to see the end results. Two of these shoots in particular I am really looking forward to as they have really allowed me to think outside the box and get really creative and out there with my designs. I have been working very closely with Jo from Sprae PR and she is an absolute genius at what she does along with being a lovely person too.

I am still number one on the top 100 UK wedding tweeters which I am over the moon about and hoping it continues. There are lots more plans for the next couple of months but again I am keeping my cards very close to my chest at the moment! To keep upto date with my crazy journey in the world of please follow me on Twitter  and like my Facebook page  I look forward to tweeting and chatting with you all, Sarah x

I'm sure you'll agree, these beautiful Heirloom Bouquets make a stunning alternative to a traditional bridal bouquet if you suffer from allergies, or would be ideal if you're getting married abroad.  Thank you for sharing these with us Sarah, and as always we hope that you'll keep us updated in the future!

Friday, 25 March 2011


How many of you have been watching the current series about this amazing company? I've been watching it avidly and whilst I can't begin to impart here in words the amazing personalities and creativity of the characters behind this delicious company to those of you who haven't seen the series, I can share with you some information from the company and some images of their spectacular creations. Living just 7 miles away on the other side of the beautiful South Downs we often pop into Brighton for shopping and browsing - the Choccywoccydoodah shop window is always spectacular.  The cake shop Christmas window for 2010 was stunning with a lifesize stag with golden antlers made entirely out of chocolate!  

Choccywoccydoodah is an art and design focused chocolaterie based in the bohemian city of Brighton ...

We specialise in chocolate one-off sculptured fantasies, bespoke wedding cakes using only the finest chocolate and ingredients, chocolate gifts (small and thoughtful, as well as extravagant gestures), birthday cakes with a choice of flavours decorated in chocolate, slabs of chocolate, chocolate fantasy pets, really, really naughty stuff ... All in chocolate! We use only the finest Belgian chocolate couvetures and coatings, where we can we source ingredients from local Sussex suppliers.

 A choccywoccydoodah chocolatier undergoes a huge amount of intensive training, and is actively encouraged to use their own initiatives to design and invent wonderful, delicious chocolate creations. It takes three years to become a fully trained chocolatier. We have 2 chocolatier florists whose sole purpose is to hand make, from solid chocolate, the most astonishing chocolate flowers. The top secret technique is completely unique and doesn’t involve any pastes, fondants or glycerine! Just chocolate. Our chocolate floristry is constantly evolving – by researching nurseries and flower shows we are able to adapt our skills ahead of fashion.

In addition to our chocolatiers, we have, in our opinion, a superb front of house team with customer service skills second to none.  They are trained to have an extensive knowledge of the chocolate we sell and are happy to spend time with each customer to ensure the customer has made an informed decision of their purchases. In our Brighton bar du chocolat, our team of chocalistas serves the best hot chocolates, slices of cake, dipping pots, milkshakes, and sundaes in an atmosphere of lavish extravagance.

Between us all, we have a dynamic, talented, experienced and unique team of people whose ambition and desire is to provide our customers with much more than they could ever anticipate.

With Mothering Sunday (3rd April), Easter Day (24th April) and St. Betley's Day (ok, I made that one up, but any excuse really!) this is the place to go if you're looking for a chocolate gift for your mum or MIL, a chocolate alternative to the usual chocolate Easter Egg, or if you want to join me in celebrating St. Betley's Day (date to suit!).  Live too far away to get to Brighton? No problem, shop online via their website.  

You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.   

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brides and Beauty

The run up to your wedding can be very stressful. It's easy for me (Mrs Lil'Guys who has hijacked the blog!) to sit here typing and telling you to chill out and stop worrying - and if I'm stressed about something the last thing I want is someone else telling me to stop worrying! Having said that, while you're planning your big day it is essential to factor in some time for you (and your groom!), there's very little point in making sure that everything from the flowers to the food is perfect if you end up feeling and looking a little ragged around the edges!  This week I'm delighted to welcome Joyce Connor at Brides and Beauty with the word on hair and make up for this year......

Bridal Trends for 2011

The look for 2011 is flawless skin. To achieve this I recommended a series of salon facials to get skin to its optimum hydration with weekly exfoliation at home in between treatments. Most salons offer consultations so you can get advice on what type of facial would suit your skin type! If the products you’re using now aren’t giving you the desired results then discuss this with your skin therapist during the consultation. It’s important to prepare hair and skin for the wedding day. The photos will show how great the condition of how your skin and hair are. If you’re unsure always seek advice. A salon therapist or hairstylist will be qualified to give the best advice. Images give ideas of styles but sometimes hair pieces or extensions are needed to get the desired look.

Make up will only look as good as the skin it’s on. A great skin gives the perfect blank canvas for the make up artist to apply her base to. The bridal make up look for 2011 is a natural or nude eyes with lashings of mascara or eyelash extensions. Lip colour is going to be big this year too. If you want to add colour to your eyes then go for pastels that can range from very pale to vibrant. Strong eyes go with neutral or pale lips and neutral eyes go with stronger lip colours. For lip staying power colour the entire lip in with a matching lip pencil and add your lipstick or gloss over the top. Vintage glamour is big this year too! The vintage style will go with the whole vintage wedding theme it might look out of place otherwise. 1940’s and 1950’s are a great look for this with red hot lips and long lashes being the key to achieving this style.

Hair styles for this year are varied. The messy updo is still in and so is the bouffant chignon. The natural look with loose bouncy curls is also in. The chosen style will all depend on the overall look that the bride wants to achieve. For vintage glamour large finger waves are to die for. Book regular trims if you’re growing your hair.

The groom should also have skincare treatments to get skin glowing. Men’s hands usually get forgotten and need to be manicured for the big day. Clean smooth hands with filed nails and soft cuticles will make all the difference to the wedding photos! Get short hair cut a couple of days before so that the cut settles into shape! Longer hair should be trimmed no later than two weeks prior to the wedding day. Don’t over do the hair styling products, the hedgehog look went out In the 80’s.

The best salon services a bride should seek are:
  • Skin care therapist to get flawless skin
  • Manicurist to get hands and nails into tip top shape and feet looking honeymoon gorgeous
  • Spa therapies for body treatments prior to the honeymoon, body scrub, waxing, relaxing massage
  • Hair salons to get your hair in tip top condition for the big day, regular trims and conditioning treatments

Our thanks to Joyce for her contribution to our blog, you can contact Joyce through her website , follow her on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with all things beauty via her blog!  

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Kos Weddings

Spring is definitely here!  Mrs LilGuys spent a pleasurable couple of hours in the garden on Sunday starting to pull out the inevitable weeds, but the daffs are already through and bringing a touch of much needed colour to the borders. Soon our front garden will be full of shades of blue from the bulbs of bluebells, grape hyacinths and scilla, which Mrs LilGuys planted 3 years ago to be in flower for our own wedding in April.  Although still chilly at the moment the sunshine is very welcome and we're wondering what sort of a summer we will have this year.  We welcome to the blog today Emma Karanastasi from Kosweddings with an alternative to an English summer wedding ......


Here in England there's one thing you can never count on, and rather predictably, it's the weather.  When it comes to planning a wedding, it isn't helpful to know that even in the middle of summer you aren't guaranteed a brilliant day.  This is one reason why so many people seek a wedding overseas. Other factors include the cost as a wedding overseas can work out much cheaper.  Take for instance, the beautiful Greek island of Kos, where you are guaranteed brilliant sunshine. 


Only three hours flight from the UK, it's more accessible to your guests than, say, the Caribbean, where a long-haul flight is involved at great costs that some members of the wedding party may not wish to pay.  Kosweddings officially opened in January 2009.  Having organised many weddings on the island for friends before setting up Kosweddings Emma has built up an excellent array of contacts in order to meet every couple's tastes and to provide the best possible service available to any budget.  Whether it's a small intimate beach ceremony or a more detailed wedding event you're dreaming of Emma will see to it that the biggest day of your life is truly memorable.  Emma explains "Kos is steeped in fabulous history, has amazing beaches and is the perfect destination for a wedding. There's something for everyone here, from a romantic getaway to a lively party holiday.  We offer a personalised, bespoke service, without the high price associated with such a service.  We listen to what kind of wedding you're looking for and deliver the perfect day that falls well within your budget."

Photographs by Laura Mannion of

Join Emma on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and contact her through the website 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chez Bec



We are thrilled to welcome the lovely Chez Bec to the blog, winner of the prestigious Wedding Ideas Awards both this year and last year for Best Bridal Accessories, having been finalists in 2008 and 2009.  They were also shorlisted as one of 5 Bridal Jewellery Finalists in the UK Jewellery Awards 2008.  

Launched in 2006 by Rebecca Doyle, Chez Bec is now widely recognised as one of the Uk's leading providers of Wedding Jewellery and Bridal Hair Accessories. Being a bit of a magpie and loving all things sparkly Mrs LilGuys asked what Rebecca's Top 10 are for 2011 ......

Rebecca’s Top Ten
for 2011 

1.      Leona Headband
2.     Imogen Headband
3.     Isabella Headband
4.     Cecille Hair Comb
5.     Set of 3 Vanessa Hair Pins
6.     Olivia Rose Hair Clip
7.     Grand Gardenia Hair Clip
8.     Sophia ll Bracelet
9.     Sophia Earrings
10.Titania Pearl Necklace

                                                                                                                  Isabella Headband £128.00

Classic, elegant designs with a beautiful vintage twist are what Chez Bec do best and this is what their 2011 Collection is all about.  Right on trend with the still strong vintage theme their latest Collection is simply stunning and brides will be spoilt for choice.  Whether you're opting for 1930s, 1940s or 1950s vintage style, the glamour and sparkle in Chez Bec's latest offerings will be sure to delight.

Featuring heavily in the 2011 Collection are gorgeous, diamante-encrusted Swarovski filigree flowers, complete with a delicate dusting of the finest freshwater pearls.  Perfect for the romantic ruffles and flower-embellished dresses which are set to be a huge trend for the year.
Imogen Headband £108.00
Sophia ll Bracelet £108.00
Another major focus of the 2011 Collection is the divine range of vintage inspired hair accessories featuring stunningly beautiful appliqu├ęd headbands, gorgeously sparkly diamante hair combs, clustered freshwater pearl hair pins and stunning silk hair flowers. 

Set of 3 Vanessa Hairpins £48.00

Also being launched during 2011 will be a Luxe Collection which will run alongside the 2011 Collection, which will feature a premium range of exquisite hair accessories including headbands and bird cage veils.
Cecille Hair Comb £48.00
Each and every piece within the 2011 Collection is beautifully designed and handmade using the finest A-grade freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.  With one of the largest collections of bridal jewellery available online Chez Bec offers a beautiful array of wedding jewellery and bridal hair accessories.  
Leona Headband £108.00
Olivia Rose Hairclip £28.00
Olivia Rose Hair Clip £34.00
All purchases are gorgeously gift wrapped as standard in luxury branded gift boxes complete with lashings of the softest white tissue paper, and a hand written gift card - perfect for bridesmaids' gifts and one less thing for busy brides to do!

Sophia Earrings £36.00
Titania Pearl Necklace £48.00

Our thanks to Rebecca for sharing her Top 10 with us - join her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter and visit her website.