Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Vintage Scoops

This winter was long and hard with several bouts of snow - which I have to say I for one am not complaining about as I think it's good to have differences in the seasons. Could have done without the brakes on my 4x4 freezing solid so we were effectively snowed in here at Lil'Guy HQ but that's another story! Now though we're looking forward to summer - long sunny days and balmy evenings. How many of us remember (or even still hear) the tinny chimes of the ice cream van on a hot summer afternoon after school and bugging a parent to be allowed an ice cream or lolly?! 

With vintage style weddings set to stay there are various ways of carrying through that theme and we are pleased to introduce you today to Betty the ice-cream van who with owner, Hayley, will bring fun, retro style and refreshment to your special occasion!
Hayley was inspired to start her business when a friend tried and failed to hire an ice-cream van for her wedding reception. Betty is a renovated 1973 Bedford CF ice-cream van, decked out in 1950s style in pretty pale blue and cream and decorated with floral bunting. On offer is delicious local ice cream, favourite ice lolly flavours, old-fashioned drinks such as ginger beer, cloudy lemonade and dandelion and burdock, plus retro sweets. Hayley serves the treats dressed in vintage-style florals to complement her van.

Hayley says: ‘It’s a trip down memory lane for some guests, but great for keeping the little ones happy, too. It’s a unique addition to a wedding.’ No event is too big or too small and Hayley will be able to advise you at every step, from deciding how much ice cream you want to selecting flavours to suit your event

Vintage Scoops is the perfect complement to a country or town wedding, and creates some great opportunities for photographs of the day. 

Betty loves being the centre of attention so why not go and join her on Facebook, check out the website, or follow Hayley (aka Mrs Scoops) on Twitter.

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