Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Denise Hagon, Calligrapher

How many of us have beautiful handwriting these days? Not me, that's for sure! I rely solely on fonts on my computer (and I do have rather a lot of them!) for my work, however there is nothing quite as luxurious and sumptuous as real handcrafted calligraphy. I have in the past attempted to master the art but with disastrous results!
As well as guest name writing, calligrapher Denise Hagon  produces some extremely creative commissions. Denise  learnt calligraphy at the age of 16 at Technical College and loved it so much she set up a calligraphy studio in 1985.
“I've been providing a professional bespoke calligraphy service now for 27 years! I’m a true scribe and artist, passionate about pens, nibs, beautiful scripts and gorgeous papers! I've an exciting range of historical and modern scripts and love to combine beautifully printed stationery with handwritten names. Every invitation and envelope receives the finishing touch it deserves - a guest name written with beauty and perfection."

With a degree in Art History and Design, she takes a special interest in vintage styles and period handwriting.

"I've worked on so many period films and TV productions over the years, including Poirot, Sleepy Hollow, Sharpe, Mansfield Park and Bleak House. Most recently the latest film of Anna Karenina!"

To see the full range of Denise's exciting calligraphy visit Denise's website, and if you'd like to enquire about a calligraphy project you can contact her by email.


  1. I love incorporating calligraphy into my wedding crafts! I've heard of Denise before as one of the best in the business! Thanks for the info

  2. Glad you liked the post Nikki, and having seen some of Denise's work first hand I can confirm that it is truly beautiful! Many thanks for your comment, always appreciated

  3. Calligraphy is such a lovely art, I wish I had the patience to teach myself but I really don't!

    I think it really adds a special touch to wedding invitations, they look really great.