Monday, 17 December 2012

How To Create Your Own Beautiful Orders of Service

Fancy creating your own Orders of Service? Hopefully this tutorial will help!

You Will Need:

Pre-printed A5 Orders of Service
15mm Double sided satin ribbon
Sharp clean scissors
Invisible thread
Fine needle
Mini diamante heart embellishments
15 mm Double sided sticky tape
Scissors for tape
Glue gun and glue sticks

1.  Cut a 30cm length of ribbon.

2.   Thread needle with a reasonable length of invisible thread and knot at one end. Weave the needle through the ribbon at the centre, draw it through & then wrap the thread around to pinch the middle together, push the needle through the centre to secure.

3.   Cross the right hand side of the ribbon over the front of the left hand side and draw the needle through the crossover about a third of the way down, drawing the centre of the ribbon to the back of the crossover and then wrap the thread around the middle several times to form a bow. You will need to carefully adjust the loops and tails as you do this to ensure that they are even before pushing the needle through                                                 from front to back of the middle of the bow to secure the knot.

      4.  Sew the end of the roll of ribbon onto the back of the bow, but don’t cut                to length yet.

5. Flip the ribbon down so that it covers the end you’ve just sewn (carefully trim any fraying) then wrap around up over the front of the bow and back down the back so that you have a neat centre to the bow.

6.   Place your mini heart embellishment on the front of the centre of the bow, taking care to adjust both the bow and heart neatly before stitching it in place. Finish off the thread behind the bow centre and cut short.

7.   Now measure a 46cm length of ribbon from the centre of the bow and cut.

8.   Place double sided sticky tape down the side of the Orders of Service, making sure to use different scissors to your sharp clean ribbon scissors.

9.   With the protective cover still on the tape, wrap your ribbon around the card and trim the end to around halfway down the centre of the bow.

 10.    Peel enough of the protective cover off the tape and fix the end of your ribbon in place. Then you can pull the bow out of the way to peel the remainder of the tape away before adjusting the ribbon and carefully fixing to the tape.
 11.   The bow will at this stage still need to be fixed in place, so with your glue gun apply a small amount of hot glue behind the centre of the bow and press into place – be careful not to use too much glue as you don’t want it to squidge out of the sides!
12.   Using your sharp clean scissors trim the tails of your bow into even    points.

Fiddly, but worth it! If you would like us to provide the materials please contact us via our websiteemail or you can phone us on 07899 664070. We can also print your Orders of Service for you on high quality heavy card and paper - our printer takes up to 300gsm card which will give your stationery a beautiful and luxurious feel. 

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