Monday, 30 May 2011

Horses for Courses

The week before last I had the pleasure of spending time individually with both of my sons. On Thursday I was getting to know the pony my youngest son has a half share in, a not so young grey gelding by the name of Rupert. We happily got grubby grooming him, and as I used to teach riding I ended up giving Toby an impromptu lesson. This coming Friday has his first dressage test and I'm looking forward to spending a few hours with him at the stables beforehand helping him to get rid of the inevitable grass stains on Rupert's legs!
On Friday I spent the morning with my eldest son with a different kind of horse! Charlie passed his driving test at the end of December last year and afterwards attended a county council subsidised skid pan course. Part of the incentive to do this course, which after the icy roads this winter is a brilliant idea, was to have a drive in a Ferrari around the circuit at Goodwood. After registering and signing all the relevant paperwork we were led out to the car he would be driving, and I watched my 17 year old drive off in a hugely powerful left hand drive car! I managed to completely muck up the video function on my mobile phone so unfortunately I don't have that to show for our morning out, although we did get some good photos.
What's this got to do with weddings? Well both activities got me thinking about hen and stag do's. Some do's are held over a weekend, quite often abroad, why not do something different in this country instead? If clubbing and drinking to excess is really not your thing then do something different and memorable! Find an activity that everyone in your group of hens or stags will enjoy (or at least will agree to have a go at!) and get booking!

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