Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sussex Love Bug

This week it's my pleasure to introduce a company close to us geographically in West Sussex and brings back some memories for me. Many years ago I had a boyfriend who drove an old yellow Beetle which was so noisy you could hear it for miles! More recently when I married nearly four years ago one of my best friends drove me to Horsham Town Hall in her new and pristine bright red Beetle. There's a zebra crossing on the way to the Town Hall which on a Saturday morning is rarely free of pedestrians crossing from the car park to the shopping area, so after waiting for around five minutes for countless pedestrians and with just minutes to spare, Kate finally leant out of the car window and yelled that she  was coming through so that the bride wasn't late for the wedding! 

Every now and again life changes for the better. Kelly was made redundant in 2011 and rather than letting it get her down, she and her husband, web developer, Joss, decided to embark on a new chapter. During her friends wedding in the Sussex countryside she got chatting to some fellow guests about getting into the wedding business and so the idea of becoming a wedding chauffeur with a difference was born. They wanted something different, a car that would capture hearts.

So many weddings these days are inspired by times gone by and so it was that Belle became a Vintage Wedding Love Bug, Joss and Kelly’s new pride and Joy. Her first outing in April this year will be for a close friend of the couple, Kelly will be bridesmaid, Joss will be driving.

Joss got busy searching for the perfect love bug, when he saw Belle, it was love at first sight. Belle is a 1960’s Chalk White VW Beetle and oozes vintage style. The couple have recently carried out restorations and replaced the interior so she is now ready to carry beautiful brides to their ceremony.

Kelly and Joss Wickson, were married 7 years ago at Brighton registry office, followed by a reception in Kirdford, near Arundel, it was the most magical day, so they know how important it is to you to get everything absolutely perfect.

Belle prides herself in making the journey to your big day, be it a church, civil ceremony, registry office or hotel, as perfect as possible. As long as it’s in Sussex, Belle can take you there.
Visit Belles website, have a peep and you will see one special car. There are details of areas and prices on there and you will see 3 packages, which include champagne and photos. Belle also has a rather lovely vintage leather suitcase with ‘Just Married’ adorned across it which is placed on the back of the bug at your request.
As well as contacting Kelly & Joss through their website  you can find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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