Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Brides and Beauty

The run up to your wedding can be very stressful. It's easy for me (Mrs Lil'Guys who has hijacked the blog!) to sit here typing and telling you to chill out and stop worrying - and if I'm stressed about something the last thing I want is someone else telling me to stop worrying! Having said that, while you're planning your big day it is essential to factor in some time for you (and your groom!), there's very little point in making sure that everything from the flowers to the food is perfect if you end up feeling and looking a little ragged around the edges!  This week I'm delighted to welcome Joyce Connor at Brides and Beauty with the word on hair and make up for this year......

Bridal Trends for 2011

The look for 2011 is flawless skin. To achieve this I recommended a series of salon facials to get skin to its optimum hydration with weekly exfoliation at home in between treatments. Most salons offer consultations so you can get advice on what type of facial would suit your skin type! If the products you’re using now aren’t giving you the desired results then discuss this with your skin therapist during the consultation. It’s important to prepare hair and skin for the wedding day. The photos will show how great the condition of how your skin and hair are. If you’re unsure always seek advice. A salon therapist or hairstylist will be qualified to give the best advice. Images give ideas of styles but sometimes hair pieces or extensions are needed to get the desired look.

Make up will only look as good as the skin it’s on. A great skin gives the perfect blank canvas for the make up artist to apply her base to. The bridal make up look for 2011 is a natural or nude eyes with lashings of mascara or eyelash extensions. Lip colour is going to be big this year too. If you want to add colour to your eyes then go for pastels that can range from very pale to vibrant. Strong eyes go with neutral or pale lips and neutral eyes go with stronger lip colours. For lip staying power colour the entire lip in with a matching lip pencil and add your lipstick or gloss over the top. Vintage glamour is big this year too! The vintage style will go with the whole vintage wedding theme it might look out of place otherwise. 1940’s and 1950’s are a great look for this with red hot lips and long lashes being the key to achieving this style.

Hair styles for this year are varied. The messy updo is still in and so is the bouffant chignon. The natural look with loose bouncy curls is also in. The chosen style will all depend on the overall look that the bride wants to achieve. For vintage glamour large finger waves are to die for. Book regular trims if you’re growing your hair.

The groom should also have skincare treatments to get skin glowing. Men’s hands usually get forgotten and need to be manicured for the big day. Clean smooth hands with filed nails and soft cuticles will make all the difference to the wedding photos! Get short hair cut a couple of days before so that the cut settles into shape! Longer hair should be trimmed no later than two weeks prior to the wedding day. Don’t over do the hair styling products, the hedgehog look went out In the 80’s.

The best salon services a bride should seek are:
  • Skin care therapist to get flawless skin
  • Manicurist to get hands and nails into tip top shape and feet looking honeymoon gorgeous
  • Spa therapies for body treatments prior to the honeymoon, body scrub, waxing, relaxing massage
  • Hair salons to get your hair in tip top condition for the big day, regular trims and conditioning treatments

Our thanks to Joyce for her contribution to our blog, you can contact Joyce through her website , follow her on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with all things beauty via her blog!  

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