Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Great Big Event Co.

Today we are pleased to introduce a company from Surrey who offer a variety of packages from planning weddings or a large party to a romantic dinner for two - they will even organise things that you are too busy to organise such as spa days with friends when you're not working!

Gilly shares with us her favourite Wedding of 2010 by The Great Big Event Co.

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The wedding of John and Annika looked like great fun, as the planner what was the best part of the day for you?
The best part of the day was when John and Anni arrived and just couldn't believe how amazing the setup was for them.  When they left me onsite the evening before they were slightly concerned because the weather had not been on our side and so we could not setup.  I called in all my local contacts to come to the rescue with gazebo, marquees and umbrellas so that John and Anni would then be able to really enjoy the outside as much as the inside!

How did you achieve the country fete feel they were looking for?
I listened to Anni about what she really wanted.  I spent numerous times talking through the styling, looking at her pictures and creating a styling storyboard of my own to 'translate' her requirements into the very rustic venue.  Then I just dug deep into my creative side and ....created!
For couples wanting a vintage styled wedding, what do you think are the 'must have' aspects to achieve the right look and feel?
Let go! Vintage has many style to it, so they have to be really clear what type of vintage they like.  Ritz/Shabby/Country/or something in between.  Talk to your planner/stylist and really let them get a feel for who you are and what you love.

'Vintage' is a word that seems to cover many eras these days, what does vintage style mean to you?
Vintage to me is really less about the authentic vintage feel and more about tradition, rustic, earthyness and family.  Having worked overseas and in the UK I love the tradition of English with a vintage twist.

John and Anni's wedding took place in the rural venue of Waverley Farm. Does vintage styling only work in certain venues or can you make it work in any space, old or new?
I am lucky enough to work in the country and so I think this look works so much better out of the major cities.  It's a personal view.  I also believe that my Vintage Days business comes from tradition of family/tea/sharing and the country rustic look and feel.  Equally put me into a venue in the centre of London such as Somerset Houes (which I had the pleasure of working in earlier in 2010) and I'll go mad on Ritz Tea style with vintage touches!

What about for 2011 - is vintage style still going to be big for brides and grooms?
Oh yes! We have 15 booked already and we have more enquiries coming in all the time!  Vintage Days is about tradition, community, family, sharing and really reliving those days when life was much sismpler, with your older members of your family.  It also lends itself so well to those all important new touches with an old twist to the new friends.

For more information on our vintage styling event service please visit Vintage Days  and The Great Big Event Co

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