Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hummingbird Vintage

Hummingbird Bridal is a collection of gorgeous vintage wedding dresses all under £100. I love vintage wedding dresses but I have found so many of them to be way out of mine (and I imagine other brides) price range so I wanted to create a collection of vintage wedding dresses that would be affordable to everyone.

We offer a Hummingbird Bridal Package which includes a visit from us with dresses in tow, styling session (as we all look better with nice hair and make-up and it gives people a chance to see what the full look would look like), and cupcakes and fizz. Once you have picked a dress we will help you find the right accessories to go with it.

If you like the idea of affordable vintage but we don't have anything in-stock then let us know and we will scour the streets to find it for you. We have great alteration people so if something isn't quite right we can sort that for you too...!!

As the wedding dresses in Lucy's store are unique and constantly turning over I recommend that you visit her website to view a sample of them, and contact her to discuss what it is you're looking for.

Hummingbird Boudoir lingerie is made to make girls feel good about themselves...we all have days when we pull on our sexy undies to find that the don't quite fit as nicely as the used to (frequent occurrence in my house) and this can put you in a bad mood and make you swear off chocolate for the rest of the day. stop women feeling like be honest we already have enough to worry about ....we have created really gorgeous boudoir underwear that is totally adjustable at the sides, bra straps and the front of the bra so you can wear Hummingbird Boudoir at any time and still feel sexy.

Each piece is handmade and embellished with luxurious ribbons and vintage buttons and come in a range of colours. If you are looking for something extra special let us know and we can make it happen.

If you feel like treating someone else as well as yourself then these make great gifts and are also perfect for weddings...and wedding nights...!!!

We also have created a range for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer as we have experience in this and know how hard it is to feel sexy when you are going through treatment. The bras are specially designed to be able to hold a prosthetic if need be and are also made from high quality fabric so are comfortable to wear.....yet still damn sexy!!

Prices are £15 - 20 for a bra and £8 - 10 for knickers and come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.

You can contact Lucy through her website, keep up with her on her blog and follow her on Twitter.   

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